Kim Sneath
Kim Sneath

Before and Afters plus Testimonials


Catherine, Learning Designer/Executive Coach, Toronto

"I appreciated the fact that Kim did not take a cookie cutter approach when working with me to re-organize and declutter my home office. She asked good questions, and my responses were actually illuminating to me in understanding how I work best.

We had rich dialogue and based on this Kim suggested ways to organize my office and files that were customized to me. It felt very personalized and this surprised me. It was much more than organizing. We were going through a big part of my life and working with Kim to go through files and deciding what to keep or discard was quite a moving experience. You need someone who knows how to handle the emotions that surface. Kim is able to do this with gentleness and clarity of purpose.

Design is very important to me and Kim worked closely with me to create a space that looks beautiful as well as functions efficiently. When we were done I could not believe what I had worked in before - it was alarming. After the space was complete, I could step into my home office and breathe - it gave me a sense of pride, and confidence; key elements to doing good work! I know for certain I could not have done this without Kim." - Catherine, Learning Designer/Executive Coach, Toronto



Rachelle, Mother of 3, North York

“I called Kim when I couldn’t bear getting through each day anymore. I felt so overwhelmed by the disorder in my house that I didn’t even know where to start to declutter in order to make my days flow more smoothly. Every job seemed to take forever, because I couldn’t find anything when I needed it, and I didn’t feel like I was able to be the best Mom I could be because I was feeling constantly flustered and out of sorts.

Kim calmly took me through each area that wasn’t working. She broke the jobs down into pieces and we got down to work. In an amazingly fast time, my house felt so much clearer and more orderly. Everything had place, and there was no more searching for things.

It made a huge difference in my ability to focus on the important work at hand; raising my three beautiful kids with the love and attention they deserve!” - Rachelle, Mother of 3, North York



Nancy, Teacher, Toronto

“I truly couldn’t see my way through all the clutter. Room after room, it was overwhelming and unmanageable.

Kim, you challenged me in so many supportive and creative ways. Your energy is boundless! Your gifts that you share so willingly are so appreciated.

Having all my books, crafts and hobbies organized makes me feel creative again. Now I can happily head into retirement with time and space to do what I really want! I can't believe the before and afters.

You have helped me make my house into a home and I am so grateful.” - Nancy, Teacher, Toronto



Janice (Nancy's Sister) Toronto

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a miracle! This was a HUGE undertaking and I, as Nancy’s sister, am so glad and grateful.

You should have heard our brother, Tedd’s response to the ‘Home-Making’ that you have helped Nancy create. He was amazed, then profoundly moved. Our other sister, Joanie was sooooo very excited and relieved at the before and afters!

The space in Nancy’s home is now a Sacred Space for friends and family to come into because now it is physically possible. That was a task none of us could have helped her with. Your clarity of vision and your experience are so valuable Kim, to us who can’t see through the chaos.

It is a joy to see Nancy in her ‘new’ home!” - Janice, Toronto



Kim, Artist, Niagara

I felt tentative at first but it was absolutely necessary. After subletting the house for a year, my kitchen was beyond chaotic. My husband, the chef, agreed to invest in Kim's services and together they created the most ergonomic and beautifully functioning kitchen of our dreams. The before and afters are remarkable for us!

It was very liberating for me to know where everything went, and to have the space look the best its ever been.

Organizing the clutter had a profound calming effect on me that I cannot describe accurately.

Since then, I have brought Kim back repeatedly to declutter, organize and beautify my office/studio and work on other parts of my home. I want all of my spaces to be as beautiful and functional as possible! Kim's talented team really pulls through, over and over. Cannot recommend enough!" - Kim, Artist, St. Catharines



Judy, Retired Accountant, Mississauga

“I was in need of a person with super powers. My home of twenty years required an inner transformation for an approaching sale which was imminent. I struggled to ready for the listing and an open house. I was recovering from a brain injury and every decision appeared monumental. Enter Kim Sneath. She brought her calm demeanour, professional acumen, sensitivity and empathy to create order out of disorder.

My house had an accumulated 20 years of stuff that required the coaching of ‘Letting Go.’ Kim was sensitive in offering an empathic approach with special attention when sorting memories and cherished keepsakes that had belonged to my mother. I always felt I was in control of each decision, never rushed as she mindfully motivated me through and kept me involved in the decision making.

I met the deadline for my home to be listed because Kim kept me accountable. It sparkled in all its decluttered beauty during the open house and sold over asking!

Since this profound experience, I have lived a life free of clutter weighing me down. I’m connected to nature and ‘doing’ things I love, rather than connected to things. I am forever grateful for knowing and working with Kim, my Wonder Woman.” - Judy, Retired Accountant, Mississauga


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